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Dr. 5 Star is all set to kill Seriousness

Are you suffering from Seriousness??? Are people around you forcing to be serious??? Are you afraid of becoming a Serious-o-holic??? Dont Worry!!! You have landed at right place. I'm Doctor Cadbury, MBBS ( M Born to Beat Seriousness syndrome). Just follow my prescription and you will find yourself in an anti-serious world miles away from seriousness.

1. Go through the situations below and check if you fit in any of these.
2. If you find yourself in one of these characters, you are tested as S+ (seriousness positive)
3. Don't worry. Take a daily dose of 5 Star, soft and chewy, filled with chocolate, caramel and        nougat. Relish every bit of it.
4. Continue this gooey-antidote whenever you find yourself suffering from seriousness-flu.
------  Dr. Cadbury

Seriousness is more contagious than the prevalent cold flu. Aaaaaaachuuuuuuu!!!
It might increase your heart beat or extinct your sleep. Seriousness is a very serious disease. It should be treated seriously before it leaves you serious. Some people around you are suffering from seriousness who try to freak you out with their seriousness but with 5 star on your side, seriousness will run away from you. So my dear, are you all set to shoo away seriousness. Common then, grab a 5 star in one hand and look over the following situations. If you come across any of these, just open the 5 star, tap it and finish it. Freak out the seriousness which is trying to freak you out.

Serious Case Study

←  Her condition is serious because no one has liked her recent peppy-zippy party photograph.

His condition is serious because he thinks he is dedicating 24 hours to his only love-Drums and soon he will get recognized as the Celebrity Drummer.

← Little girl is very serious because she is over-loaded with the homework.

The entire batch is serious because they want to be the next batch of the top B-School.

← The young lady is very serious because she wants Indiblogger to felicitate her with the year's Best Blogger award.

The beautiful fille is serious because she is self obsessed with her beauty and daily clicks herself in front of the mirror.

 The girl is serious because her beau always replies late to her texts.

The aspiring author is serious because she is unable to write a best-selling story.

← The girls are serious these days because they want to wake up early and go for jogging.

The haughty librarian is serious because she thinks herself as the Minister of Silence.

← The aunty in the neighborhood is serious because she always keeps her eyes on what's going on in my house.

The young generation is very serious because they want to look the best in the next random photo-shoot.

← The chap is serious because he thinks sticking-tongue-out pose makes him look "Cool".

The family is serious because they buy packets in bulk whichever offers a free stuff.

← The mother is very serious because she want to wear the Masterchef coat.

The young professionals are very serious because they want a hike in their salary before their counterparts. 

← The work-ridden people are very serious because they don't find the downpour exciting.

The college girls are serious because they don't have anything new to wear today.

← The customer is serious because she doesn't find the latest i-phone in the store.

My friend is serious because every time she says,"Let's toss".

← The daughter is serious because she says "I can drive safe without any head-on collisions."

The physics student is very serious because she sits under an apple tree everyday.

← The policeman is very serious because he penalizes for loud honking.

My elder sister is very serious because she gets her white strands rootouted every month.

← The fellows have gone serious because whenever they see me close with any boy, they give me "Are-you-also" look.

The aunty is serious because she breaks wind while eating and says,"How Delicious".

← My Boss is serious because he hesitates giving me increment.

My colleagues are serious because they find it unofficial if I read e-paper in office hours.

← The girl is serious because she exerts herself to beat the fat lady every morning.

The Doctor is serious because she likes the way Sister dresses in White.

← The nuts are serious because they can't tolerate a cat walking into their way.

The girl is serious because she brags herself as so hot to feel the chill of the winters.

← My young sister is serious because she cries "Ghosttt", every time I enter the room at night.

The stylish colleague is serious because every Friday she dresses up like a party animal.

← The mother-in-law is very serious because she argues with her daughter-in-law for cutting her hair short.

The husband is very serious because he wants only hot food being served on the table.

← She is serious because she spends 1000 bucks for eating popcorn for three hours.

The swain is serious because his inamorata is ready with the shopping list every weekend.
← The young music lover is serious because she plays loud music everywhere.

The people have gone serious because the end-of-season sale has begun and they want to buy everything. 

← The new boy in the apartment is serious because he waits for the beautiful girl in lift everyday.

The passenger is serious because she thinks train doesn't want to carry her. 

← My roomie is serious because she thinks novels are meant to be read in lamp light only.

The child is serious because she can't find the star today where she stopped counting yesterday. 

← My grandmother is serious because she sleeps with her spectacles to see the dreams clearly.

Do you find yourself stuck in such situations? Sorry but you are detected  S+. Don't worry. We have the best effective medication for this seriousness. Eat a 5 star and shoo away the seriousness. Thank-you for visiting the  Cadbury Clinic. 

 5 Star a Day
Keeps Seriousness Away.

¡Salud! JJJ

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Love@Air Force - Book Review

About the Book
Title: Love@Air Force
Author: Gaurav Sharma
Publisher: Blackbuck Publication
ISBN: 978-163041628-7
No. of Pages: 287
Price: 150 INR
Genre: Fiction
About the Author

A mathematics teacher, Gaurav Sharma has been writing poems since he was eight. He trisects the age of his passion into cricket, mathematics and writing. As a school boy, he was madly in love with cricket, then, mathematics became his passion and lately the writer in him grew restless. Lunacy for his dreams, he claims, has helped him being a published writer. As a writer, he doesn't want to be just a storyteller but yearns to create a stir. You can connect with the author at and

The Cover Speaks

The cover of the book entices with a flying Sukhoi romancing with the air in the blue sky adorned with puffy white clouds. Besides, the punch line hits the brain profoundly.
"A heart is a more sophisticated device than a Sukhoi..."


The violent romance of the Fighter planes with the clouds in sky, the pulchritudinous Officers walking around arrogantly, the runway, the Logo constituted by the concentric tricolored circles in the background, is the spectacle that meets our eyes at the feeble mention of the Air force but there is more about the Air Force besides these.

An unhappy Sergeant, Sushil Awasthi, feels that his circumstances dumped him into doing drudgery in the Air Force and he deserved better out of life. Grumbling often, he accuse his wife, his parents and even Air Force for his agonies. When he finds that, the newly arrived medical officer, Wing Commander Shabd Mishra is his best friend of school days, his inferiority complex plunges further down.

The Wing Commander is still hankering after his school day's crush, Soumya despite knowing of her being married to another Air Force Officer, who too, gets posting at the same location.

How do things shape up when the three classmates get together? What fate does the love story of the lovelorn Wing Commander meet? How do others around, the officers and the non-officers, react to the friendship between a Sergeant and a Wing Commander? Welcome to the Air Force Station Agra to know how the Air Force reins the lives of its employees.

Book Review

The story revolves around two childhood friends, Sushil and Shabd , who got departed in the course of life but destiny brings them together for a purpose. Sushil, the Sergeant feels ashamed of his rank in Air Force and his stuck hard when he comes to know his friend is posted at the same station Agra as a Wing Commander. But the difference in the ranks doesn't stop Shabd from acknowledging the strong friendship bond they shared since class eleven. Gradually, Sushil also accepts his friend back but the entire station keeps burning from their kinship. Sushil is often offended by his senior and neighbours for having big connections which earns him a promotion but each time Shabd appears in frame zipping up the wagging tongues. 

Shabd discloses his clandestine affair with his childhood friend Soumya to Sushil. Sushil tries to persuade him with the reality but Shabd refuses everything, every marriage proposal for the sake of his unrequited love. Shabd has struggled to get the rank of Wing Commander just to get the approval of Soumya's father, who was a senior Air Force officer. But he was late by a year and she was married to some Wing Commander. But Shabd didn't forget her. He keeps her alive in his poems. Destiny plays its stroke and gets Soumya's husband posted to Agra. The three classmates at the same place, one of them being lovelorn brings a twist. 

Shabd gives out signals of his loving Soumya. Her husband comes to know about this and the situation intensifies with Sushil hanging in between the Wing Commanders risking his job. How does Soumya faces this embarrassing situation, being a devoted wife and a mother of two, what  decision does she take, how does she change Shabd's life. Catch with the story to know more about the entangled lives of these Air Force personnel.  

The most intriguing lines of the book will capture you. "It is better to marry a person who loves you than to possess a person whom you love."

In a Nutshell

This book  will give you a different angle to look at love. If you are looking for a different love story from the contemporary ones, give it a shot and soak in the destined love. 

My Rating

This book review is a part of The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program.