Monday, September 26, 2011


My biological clock ticked 6.30 and I groggily got up from my bed. Peeking at the clock, my pupil dilated.
OOPS!!! I'm late.
I groped for my cell. Scrolled to the recently dialled calls and pinged at the very first name in the list.

Hello!! Wish you a very very happy b'day.
OH! Thank you so much SURBHI. I was just waiting for your call. Everyone had called up in the night.
Sorry. I too tried three times but it said WAITING.. WAITING.. I couldn't resist my headache and felt asleep.
Never mind.So,how is life??

It was SHIPRA's birthday yesterday and I couldn't wish her at sharp 12. So her birthday morning started with our long vivid talk.

Its so soothing when you call up an old friend and walk down the memory lane hand-in-hand.You share up everything or say anything. Whether silly, funny,or serious, it doesn't matter but one thing is sure you badly miss the time when you were together and used to share everything from pen to lunch, from bench to book, from playground to jest. Ahh!! the unforgettable moments of school life.

She also revealed some hidden secrets. OMG! ridiculous.
Sorry! that's a secret. I can't open it up.
Then to my surprise she said, "Yaar! you write well."
I was dumbstruck for a while.I was unknown to the fact that she was aware of my new passion and was keenly interested.
I said,"How can you say so??".

You stupid! I have read each of your blogs.
Are you kidding??
No dear. I have actually read them.What if you didn't tell me. I used to read them.

Ahh!! I can't tell you my joy knew no bounds because her laudatory discourse of my writings really made me feel good.And I'm telling you she is far better,than me.I bet if she's to play with the words,she'll definitely win the coveted cap.

"But",I said,"I'm on a halt and haven't posted since last four months."
Because I think I need to flint myself some more. I'm unable to make the readers commute with me to my realm. Hardly anyone reads them as said by the poll at the top right of my profile.
Hey! But I love them. You are playing well. Don't quit.
Okay! Would you like me to write something??
Yeah! Sure, Write down about our school days,our old pals. Refresh the blurred memories.It was indeed a never-forgettable clip of our childhood.

Good idea. So now my dear you just wait and I promise to throw you back to the HZS,Chittaurgarh lane.This will be your this year's b'day gift from me.

'I would be desperately waiting for that. You really made my day. Love you.'she said.

So now begins my preparation for her gift.

Dearest SHIPRA, I have tried to sketch out the very first day of yours in our school.I believe I have exactly retraced everything settled at the back of my brain.Hope it takes you back to the field of HIND ZINC SCHOOL.

A nymph with a black band
Coupled with her brother bland
Invaded into a class reading Class-V'B'
I tickled my peer wee
We swivelled on the chair
Welcomed the pretty novice
Though baffled by her presence
A formal confluence rush
All in British English!!
Left us dumb plashed.

Whispers wafted into the air
Some sulked,others bullied
Some flouted,others clouted
Multitude slewed in green raiment
Wiggled and jiggled
I pointed to a desk beside me
Solaced her to glide in glee.

The bell rang
Everyone clanged
Mam Asha Dashora trudged in
Plethora of silence reigned in
'A new mid-session admission??'
Yes, Mam. A MADAME!!
A stern sight
Caught him fright
She greeted her under the new roof
Adviced to rush through the volumes
'You will be assisted by your new friends.'
With a spark in the eye
Mam resorted towards me and Indira
We nodded like grass standing erect
To heed her through the way right

A reticent nexus was hailing
Amidst the garrulous teaching
Days passed by
The SPS girl was now a HZS girl
Rushing through the bus in the morning
Crunching the books in noon
Strolling over the lawn in lunch
Babbling over the landline in evening
Tied us in a knot
Sighted as friends duo.

Sweltering together in summers
Shivered more in winters
A blithesome posse
Vividly gushed
Now called Grown-Ups
Still trifle at dawns
A tribute to our alma mater
To shelter our friendship under the pedagogy.

I would also like to mention the names of our old pals with whom we played together in the classroom,played pranks,had silly fights but who knew we were actually composing an innocuous album of our school days.
Indira Kanwar Chauhan
Pallavi Modani
Meenakshi Kumawat
Mohanish Borana
Arjun Menaria
Siddharth Goyal
Tridev Pratap Singh Chawda
Barkha Deera
Navani Tandon
Richa Agarwal
Gautam Bhatnagar
Ankit Soni
Arvind Kumar Dhaker
The list doesn't ends here. But these are the few chaps whom she remembers and can't stop herself narrating stories linked with each. I would have loved to pen down the provoking events( Ghatna-Durgatna :P). But something should be concealed and unveiled at right time only. Wish you all a happy life ahead.
:) :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A mother having two kids met with an accident. She and one of the children managed to survive while the other kid succumbed to the severe injuries. The mother has never expected this nightmare to ever come true but what when it surpassed into reality. She can be imagined helpless but for the sake of her second child she has to combat this odd situation. She cant put an end to her life. The wheel must roll and its her responsibility to nurture her second kid well.

I just want to exemplify that when things dont go according to our expectations, there is no point of abandoning. Instead look for alternatives. There are galore of ways waiting to be trampled by you.

EXPECTATION is something the major reason for the growing crevices in everything from workplace to relationship, from school to office , from cricket to hockey.

Have you ever pondered why do we expect?? Perhaps according to me, we expect from others when we transmigrate our capabilities into that person and see him as much potent as we are. Irrespective of the fact what the very person wants but since we have superimposed ourselves upon him so he is compelled to live upto our expectations and if he fails then he is seen as loser and cursed for not accomplishing.

The father of a student expects him to shine through and bring him the fame same as that of his colleague's son. No one bothers whether the kid is abnegating himself at the cost of his football love.

The manager expects his employee to outshine in the upcoming project like the previous one irrespective of the employee's interest in this new project.

The boy wants his girlfriend to love him exactly the same way he does unknown to the fact that she doesn't love him. And many such instances can be cited.

A few days back I came across these lines:
"People just expect from others even though they have failed in raising their own soul upto their own expectation."
I feel that every person has his own space. He should be left free with it. No other than himself should be allowed to enter that space and cause unnecessary interference. A spiritual relationship between soul and body defines that space where a man gets close to himself, sets his standards and strives to live upto those. There exist people of different perceptions. One may have a limited perspective and is happy within the walls. While the other may have a broad perspective and wants to explore the entire ocean. So it is immaterial to impose your expectations over others.
Try to live your own life in your style and let others live their way and then if any interaction occurs then that would definitely create the most beautiful kaliedoscope.:):)


Its a general tendency that we try to imitate others. We make futile efforts to embolden our image with THEIR raiment. But the truth is that each one of us is special in his own way. Had we all been alike, then how would you distinguish between your father and mother?? your friend and foe?? The whole world would just seem like a mirror, in which you would have seen just your own reflected image infinite times creating a chaos. At some point when we CHANGE ourselves according to the norms of others then it's found that at the rear end they were busy lauding our vision. So always stay the way you are. Here's a short verse to take you through MY VISION.

I perceived it as a cherry on the cake
But she said, a hat on a fat

I took it as an iridescent flash
But she said, a mere traffic signal bash

I admired it as God pouring his love
But he interrupted with showering of rain

I saw it as a mother embracing her child
But they cleared it as a pumpkin creeper over the wall

I pointed at a distant lantern
But they interpreted it as a shooting star

I took it as a credential
When they dusted it as a piece of paper

I tried to wipe away their tears
When they called it an onion cheer

I tried to trace straight
When they veered towards the steep

Now when I took their vision
They changed their perspective

Now what seems a concrete to me
Is a sacred temple for them

What seems just a sky to me
Is a way to fly through for them

What seems life to me
Is the only chance for them.

:o :o